Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Here is a video I made during Thanksgiving in Maine (November 2011). I'm thinking to add more to this video in the future, so any suggestions would be welcome. As before, I'll post some still frames from the video below the movie link.

First is the sunrise I took with my Canon G10 in Av mode. I put it on a tiny gorilla pod and put in the window of the bedroom over the garage and went back to sleep. The time lapse worked well, but I had to separate it into two parts (one at the very beginning and one later on) as a couple times during the sequence, moisture condensed on the window obscuring the view. So annoying! Guess that's what you get for setting up the camera and then going back to sleep.

The next few sequences in the video are of the snow falling the day before I took the sunrise shot above. Mostly they are video taken with a Canon 70-300 mm L lens that I rented. I also did a time-lapse out the window with the G10 and it worked OK, but not as dramatic as I was hoping. The stills of this are a bit boring, so just watch the video. More photos taken with the rented lens appear below.

Then comes the cooking time-lapse clips... These were hard. Thanks to my mom for making an extra pie as the movie of the first one had such bad flicker, I couldn't get rid of it. Stills of this are boring - watch the video.

Then after the cooking comes the second part of the sunrise followed by a few more video clips taken with the 70-300 mm Lens.

Then comes the best part: the three sunsets.  They are all of the same sunset, but I used two cameras. In fact the first two clips are made from the same set of photos, just the second one is digitally zoomed in. Could you tell? It's nice to have a 21 mega pixel camera where you can do that and still have better than full HD resolution.

I was hoping that the sun would catch the stained glass and it would sparkle, but unfortunately, it didn't. Still, I think it is an interesting shot.

For the music, I chose George Winston's 'Thanksgiving' from the album 'December'.

As I mentioned above, I also rented a Canon 70-300 mm L lens and had some fun taking pictures of birds and Rosie, the dog. The weather was kind in that it didn't snow while I was traveling, but it did snow when I was taking photos!

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