Friday, July 20, 2012

Spring 2012 time-lapses in Seoul

About 6 months have passed since my last time-lapse collection. A lot has happened since then including the conclusion of my time in Seoul. I had a very happy and eventful time there and made some lifelong friends. I'll miss it a lot and hope the time and effort I put into making these videos reflects how special my time there was to me.

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in Seoul knows that the geography of the area makes it such that there are very few days when the sky is clear enough to take good photos. Most of the time, the city is locked an a perpetual fog. In addition, when the sky is clear, it is usually because the wind is blowing really strong. So please forgive some of the shaky shots. I don't yet have the software capable of removing the wiggles caused by the wind.  However, I did get lucky and had some free time correspond with clear skies!

This time, most of the lapses were shot using aperture priority mode. I set the ISO at about 200-400 depending on the scene and just let the camera do the rest. On previous videos, I did more manual shooting, but it took too long to process the transitions when I changed the exposures. Using aperture priority yields pretty good results, however in some I still see a bit of flicker probably due to slight changes in the size of the aperture. I read one can correct this by partly detaching the camera lens such that the aperture doesn't open and close between exposures, but I wasn't about to do this with my camera suspended above the Han river and the wind blowing so hard it was difficult to stand up. :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the results. Please let me know what you think.

The first sequence was shot on a hill between 방배역 (bangbae station) and 사당역 (sadang station) in early April. Still pretty cold at that time. I was expecting something a lot more interesting. However, most of the time I shot on Sunday evening, so not much was going on.  However, I think it made a nice background on which to add the titles.

The second sequence was shot at 양재천 (Yangjae stream) looking towards the Samsung Palace towers - the tallest buildings in Seoul. This one was a lot of fun. I arrived early to look for a good location and ended up deciding that the best place was in the middle of the stream.  It was only about 3 feet deep in the middle and there were several spots were large granite rocks were placed to allow people to cross. I set up my tripod in the river and sat on one of the rocks enjoying the weather - for about 2 and a half hours. Quite a few people looked at me funny, but I think they were afraid to speak English and ask me what I was doing.

Still frame from the time-lapse

Behind the scenes - see my tripod in the stream? I actually dropped my lens cap in the stream and had to order another.
Another behind the scenes image taken with my iPhone
The next three clips are some experiments I did trying to capture some daytime motion time-lapse. Usually, I set my camera to take shots every 7-10 seconds. However in these three clips, I took a shot every second. Also to blur the motion so the video is not too choppy, I used a variable neutral density filter so I could use an exposure time of 1/3 second. I particularly like the second one in the middle of the street in Gangnam during lunch time. I was hoping to come back and do a similar one at night, but never got the chance :(
서울역 - Seoul Station
강남역 - Gangnam Station - I'm standing at the end of the bus stop Island - not really in the middle of traffic
Random road with a walking bridge near 용산역 - Yongsan Station
The next clip was shot on the top floor of a parking garage of the I-Park mall at 용산 - Yongsan station. Apparently, the same view is found in a famous Korean movie 화차 hwa-cha, but I never saw the movie.  I thought that a day/night transition here would have a great effect as the exposures got longer, the trains would  look like short laser pulses, but alas, it was not meant to be... After I had been shooting for about 1.5 hours and things were starting to get interesting, a couple of Korail security guys came and told me to stop.

Time-lapse still frame from 용산역 I-Park mall parking garage.

Behind the scenes at 용산역 taken with iPhone
 The next two clips are taken one from each side of 서강대교 - Seogang bridge.  The wind was really howling during these shots - especially during the second one looking towards 여의도 - Yeouido, that I held onto the camera the whole time to try and reduce the shaking.

Time-lapse still frame from 서강대교
Behind the scenes at 서강대교. I tried some shots with my canon G10 (the small camera near the bag), but it was too windy for it
Another behind the scenes shot
Time-lapse still frame from the other side of 서강대교 looking towards 여의도.
Behind the scenes from the other side of the bridge.  Almost blew away that day...
Next is one of my favorites. It is from 남산 - Namsan overlooking 강남 - Gangnam. The weather was perfect that day. The sky is clear like it was that day only a few times a year in Seoul.

Time-lapse still frame of 강남 as seen from 남산
Behind the scenes from the 강남 -> 남산 shoot
The next clip is a sunset framed around the famous 63 Building. I already posted about this shoot here.

The final scene is from a place near my house on SNU campus. I used this location once before for my fall series and definitely wanted to see the sunset here again.

Still frame from SNU sunset time-lapse

Finally, here are a few behind the scenes iPhone shots from the SNU sunset. Also, I should mention that for the music I used Mozart, Symphony No.40, Third Movement by Oskar Fried (

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